About Us

Pulse is multi-platform content publisher based in Hobart, Tasmania. Pulse FM Hobart is wholly locally owned and operated by Pulse Media Group Pty Ltd, and reaches more than 150,000 Tasmanians each day across digital and broadcast platforms.

Our team are passionate about this state, and are dedicated to keeping all Tasmanians informed.

Social Media Policy:

Pulse Hobart appreciates our passionate social media community and encourages fans to engage and discuss Pulse content. We would like to maintain a friendly online environment where viewers can share their opinions.

A few things we won’t tolerate are:
  1.  Inflammatory, offensive, racist, vulgar or hateful comments.
  2.  Commercial promotion or links to websites and other Facebook pages.
  3. Defamatory or libelous comments towards an individual or organisation.
Comments will remain posted if they are on-topic, but Pulse Hobart reserves the right to moderate and delete comments that it deems offensive or otherwise in breach of these guidelines.

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